Create Design Process

There comes a point where the "hello-world" examples are no longer enough and you want to create something!

So here's the whole process.

Create a Design

Head over to Create>Create Design:


Name and Category

Provide a name and category.

The name must be unique and cannot be already used in another design.

The example below shows the name "my first design" in the Science category.


Upon submitting, the design should appear in Dashboard>Dashboard


Navigate to Dashboard>Dashboard.

Opening up the dashboard the "my first design" appears at the bottom.


Design Form

Click on the design link.

Next Add HTML and python code to your design. Here's an example of a design which adds two numbers together:


The 'add_form_default_values' is a special function which gets called when the page loads.

'main' is the name of the function which gets called because the button variable name is also called 'main'.

Preview Render

Clicking on "save draft and render" previews the page in a new tab. Screenshot

This will render the page in a similar fashion to how it is rendered when published,

Commit Design

Once happy with the changes, commit your changes. Screenshot

These changes will appear in the dashboard with each change recorded.

View Change Log in Dashboard


In the dashboard, expand the design history by clicking on the blue buttons.


Publish Design

On Dashboard>Dashboard expand the design history.

Click on the "Not published" link of the design to publish.

Upload a pretty picture to represent the design, this can be changed later on:


Describe the design to be published and submit.


Observe the Public Design!

Congrats, the design is now publicly available! Try searching for it!